[TowerTalk] RG-316 choke cables

Bob Nielsen nielsen at oz.net
Thu Feb 1 19:03:54 EST 2007

On Feb 1, 2007, at 2:24 PM, Bob Alexander wrote:

> RG316 is a .1" diameter cable with an unlikely 1250 Watt average power
> rating at 10 MHz.
> Has anyone used short lengths of this cable to make choke baluns  
> for low
> band use?
> My searches have yielded no info.

The reason that RG-316 has a power rating that appears to be a bit  
high is that it has a teflon center conductor, which can take high  
temperatures.  It will probably get extremely hot at 1250 watts,  
which is probably not what you want for a choke balun, as the ferrite  
characteristics could be adversely affected.  It would probably work  
fine for power levels up to at most a few hundred watts.  For higher  
power, RG-142 or RG-400 (similar, but 142 has a solid copperweld  
center conductor while 400 has a stranded conductor) would be a  
better choice, while still physically small (0.195 O.D.)

73 - Bob, N7XY

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