[TowerTalk] RG-316 choke cables

Cecil Moore w5dxp at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 19:57:57 EST 2007

>From: "Bob Alexander" <realex at flash.net>
>Subject: [TowerTalk] RG-316 choke cables
>RG316 is a .1" diameter cable with an unlikely 1250 Watt average power
>rating at 10 MHz.
>Has anyone used short lengths of this cable to make choke baluns for low
>band use?

Hi Bob, I have some and used it for awhile but I felt a lot better using 
RG-400 which has a diameter of 0.195". All my baluns and short lengths of 
coax cable are made from RG-400 now. I didn't have any failures with RG-316 
but decided the 1900 volt tolerance on the RG-400 was a lot better than the 
1200 volt tolerance on the RG-316. I run high SWRs on balanced lines and 700 
volts of extra margin seemed to be worth it to me. RG-58 is 1400 volts.
73, Cecil, w5dxp.com

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