[TowerTalk] guy wire and insulators

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Fri Feb 2 09:33:01 EST 2007


Will you have antennas for any other bands near the new 130 foot
tower?  If not, I recommend just two insulators, one near the tower,
and one near the guy anchor.

I don't understand how the longest guy wire on a 130 foot tower can be
only 120 feet long.  In any case, if you use two insulators per guy, as
described above, and the longest uninsulated wire is less than 200 feet
long, you should be okay on 160 meters.

If you have nearby antennas for other bands, you may want to use
more insulators.

Good luck with your project.


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>I am going to put a 130ft tower as a 160Meter vertical . The tower is insulated from the ground of course.It is a guyed tower, but the guy wires are not cut yet. Before cutting them and putting  egg-type insulators in each guy wire, I would appreciate a help about the lenght of each part of guy wire.In other words, what are the lenghts to be avoid for a guy wire ...in such a case...
>The longest guy wire is 120 ft....How many insulators should I put in a 120ft wire???
>Thanks a million

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