[TowerTalk] Soldering RG213 to PL259

Steve Katz stevek at jmr.com
Mon Feb 5 10:20:47 EST 2007

Garry, these are fine.  The 83-1SP has a silver plated body and pin, and
astroplated shell (which doesn't matter, since you don't solder to the


Steve WB2WIK/6

Hi Steve,

I was searching the web tonight for the Amphenol 83-1SP PL259's and found a
model on Ebay advertised as "Amphenol Silver-plated Top quality, Diallyl
Phtalate (MIL-M-14F) insulated (temperature and insulation characteristics
similar to teflon) Silver Plated Amphenols with Nickel Astro-plated shells,
Silver-plated center pin and shield."

Is this the model to stay away from? Where they say silver plated pin and
shield, it sounded like the only part that was Astro-plated was the shell
that screws onto the SO-239.

I found this at:


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