[TowerTalk] Molex Partnumber for Yaesu G-800DXA Rotor

Rick Scott w7psk at w7psk.net
Mon Feb 5 23:08:41 EST 2007

At 11:23 AM 2/5/2007, Brad Pioveson W9FX wrote:
>I believe what you're looking for is Yaesu part number P1091056.  I 
>have a bag of four new ones plus pins on the bench in front of me as 
>I type this. It would appear that plug and pins are separate items, 
>or, at least that's the way they were delivered to us.  If you need 
>one of 'em (plus pins, of course), drop me a note and we'll work something out.
>73, Brad, W9FX

Thanks brad
I was hoping to find out the Molex part number to see if I could find 
it locally.  If not Ill try Yaesu order again.

Scotty W7PSK
10-10 33700
Everett, Washington
Found on 14.070 or 28.120 PSK31 most times. 

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