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Thanks Paul
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> > Please post any answers you receive Noel.  I have thought about the same
> > but in my case I have a 1,000 feet or so (free) of 1/4 galvanized cable
> > - the stuff they use to guy telephone poles.
> For buried radials I expect the soil type has much to do with how
> long galvanized wire lasts. I'm certain not all galvanized wire is
> created equal. I recently cleaned up an area where some stuff had
> been lying on the ground for years. There was some 3/8" galvanized
> guy wire (the stuff they use to guy telephone poles) that had been
> there approximately 30 years. It was still in fairly good condition
> with very little rust. Right next to it was some 14 gauge galvanized
> fence wire that was bought 20 years ago. It had probably been on the
> ground for ~15 years. It was very rusty and easily broke in several
> places as I tugged on it. Merely making an observation. Draw your
> own conclusions.
> 73,
> Paul N1BUG
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