[TowerTalk] galvanized radial wires

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 6 19:27:07 EST 2007

At 07:21 AM 2/6/2007, VE2RYY wrote:
>Hello Lee
>Thanks very much for your comments..I  have in mind putting the wires on the
>ground, not in the ground....You know copper is very expensive. It was not
>that high three or four years ago...but now...Men....is it exensive, so I am
>looking for another alternative.....

Copper ran less than $1/lb all the way up to Jan 04 or thereabouts, 
and then started upwards to about 2.40 in apring 06, then shot 
up  rapidly.. Coming back down now...down from $3.20/lb in Decmber to 
$2.40/lb now, with futures hanging in at the 2.40 point thru the end 
of 07).  They were extreme a few months ago, but it's coming back 
down.  (Mind you, your local retailer who bought their stock at the 
peak is probably going to try and recover their investment).

So, if you wait a month or so, your local wire dealer will probably 
be back to 2004/2005 kinds of prices.

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> > I've used galvanized radial wires as well.  I used electric fence wire (18
>gauge) and found that after a year....some if it was gone.  I cut a slit in
>the ground with a "sharp-shooter" and put the wire in the ground....not on
>the ground.  The wire had rusted and disappeared.  I do not do this any
> >
> > I used copper on top of the ground and let the "grass" hide it after a
>couple of clippings.  I also use insulated wire as well.  I found a source
>for wire at the local over-head garage door installer.  He has rolls and
>rolls of wire that comes with every garage door opening.  Most installations
>use about 30 feet of the stuff and they send about 200 feet with each
>opener.  May times he uses the existing wire already installed if he is
>replacing a worn out opener.  It is copper...solid....and I just twist the
>two ends together and solder them....the attach to the grounding point.  I
>get the wire for FREE!
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