[TowerTalk] Used Tower

Neil Marlowe nmarlowe at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 13:43:22 EST 2007

That's a great idea! Thanks Jim.


On 2/11/07, Jim Lux <jimlux at earthlink.net> wrote:
> One sort of non-quantitative thing you can do is put the section on a
> set of sawhorses (so you can reach it without bending down), and
> (lightly) tap each structural member (strut,tube, etc.) with a hammer
> or wooden mallet.  All the similar ones should sound (about) the
> same.  If you get ting, ting, ting, clong, ting, ting..  you know
> something is weird about the clong one...  A tube full of dirt will
> sound different than a tube full of rust will sound different than an
> empty tube.  (and if the hammer bashes through the wall with a light
> tap, better you know now, rather than after putting it
> up<grin>)  Just don't dent or bend things...  You're playing tubular
> bells here, not bass drum.
> Jim, W6RMK

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