[TowerTalk] Help ID my Tower

Bruce & Gab ockmrzr at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 11 16:43:01 EST 2007

I have received a free tower, but I need help identifying it.  Here are the
3 section, crank-up, lattice
bottom 2 sections are 19'-11"
top section 20'
Measurements taken from the bottom section, 
corner-to-corner, each side of the "triangle": 18"
diameter of "pipe" at the 3 corners: 1-1/4"
distance from one horizontal "rung" on the Z-shaped supports to the next:
Several local hams have looked at it and we are agreed that it is a US
Tower, but what model.  Their web site has revealed nil.
Any help???
73 de N7TY
Bruce C. Thompson
Gabrielle T. Steinau
Coronado, CA

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