[TowerTalk] Which rotor for a tree setup - Ham 3, Ham 4 ,other

Krishna Kanakasapapathi kkanakas at cisco.com
Mon Feb 12 12:26:37 EST 2007

 I am just waiting on a decision from my Hoa Architecture board on a choice between a
 Aluma 50ft crankup with a 3Ele steppIr + Tv antenna (versus) the 3Ele stepper on top of
 a 70ft pine.
 I am trying to decide on a Rotor should the tree proposal win.
 I have a Ham 3 and a Ham 4. They work fine, but i can refurb them prior to install as
 added insurance.

 If the Hygains will not fare well, i want to invest in a good new rotor.
 Please suggest an alternate rotor that will hold up the 3Ele stepper (approx 7 - 8sqft windload).

 Thanks for the suggestions.

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