[TowerTalk] Radials

Don Havlicek n8de at thepoint.net
Mon Feb 12 12:50:02 EST 2007

My 100 radials on my 80m vertical tower, where I lived in Indiana, were 
#24 insulated wire and did very well with no deterioration and were 
fully able to handle maximum legal power.
I plan on doing the same here in Michigan with three verticals on 80m 
and 3 verticals on 40m, all using #24 - #18, depending only on how much 
wire I have on those spools.

Steve Miller wrote:

>This may be the wrong place to ask (in which case, please direct me to 
>the right one!) but I am interested to know what affect wire size has on 
>a radial system.  Must one use #14 stranded or will #26 insulated work 
>okay.   The plan is to make it capable of handling full legal power 
>though I rarely use that.    Will larger wire have any more of a 
>broadband affect than smaller wire?  My thoughts lean toward using 60 
>radials.   Thanks for your help!!  Steve N0SM
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