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Mike Fatchett mike at mallardcove.com
Mon Feb 12 14:58:21 EST 2007

I don't recall what the self supporting height is for 65 or what it can hold
at that height.  You didn't say what you were going to put in it.

I have a 70ft AN wireless tower and it calls for more concrete than what you

Do what the manufacturer says.

The idea of having to put temporary guys sure scares me.  What if you are
not at home etc.....

Mike W0MU

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I have a 3x3x3 foot concrete foundation in my front lawn that I have been
using for my HyGain HyTower antenna.  MY plan is to remove the HyGain and
enlarge the foundation to 6x6x4.  I have heard that it is possible to hammer
drill holes in concrete, pour in a 2 part epoxy, and insert threaded rods
and this will be strong enough to be used for attaching a tower.  I want to
put up 60 feet of Rohn 65 and have it be self supporting unless a hurricane
comes through the area, in which case I would put temporary guys on the
tower.  Does anyone have experience with this epoxy method and can give me
some direction on doing this?

Bob  W6TR 


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