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>  I am just waiting on a decision from my Hoa Architecture  board on a 
choice between a
Aluma 50ft crankup with a 3Ele steppIr + Tv  antenna (versus) the 3Ele 
stepper on top of
a 70ft pine.
I am trying to  decide on a Rotor should the tree proposal win.
I have a Ham 3 and a Ham 4.  They work fine, but i can refurb them prior to 
install as
added  insurance.

Hiya, Krish --
    Either one will work FB with this relatively  small antenna. I usually 
steer my tree-mount customers towards TailTwisters  because they are more 
    How are you going to mount the rotator? I use a  4' long or so piece of 
galvanized water pipe and lag screw it to the tree  (there's a horizontal piece 
welded to the vertical pipe to provide torque  resistance) with 4-5 half-inch 
by six inch lag screws. 
    In this case the rotator is mast mounted. Hy-Gain  has 2 mast mounting 
brackets and either one will be fine. There is a small  version for the Ham 
series and a larger one for the T2X. 
    I suspect that the HOA will disapprove your tower  which isn't fatal 
since trees are unregulated!
Cheers & GL,
Steve     K7LXC

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