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Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 12 17:54:20 EST 2007

At 12:27 PM 2/12/2007, Bob Maser wrote:
>I'm not worried about saving 1 yard of concrete.  I want to put the new
>tower in the same location as the old one(wife's requirement) and I believe
>that a yard of hardened concrete weighs too much to just pull it out of the
>hole and start over.

Are you going to then just dig around it?  you said the new base 
would be 4 ft deep and the old one is 3 ft.. So you're going to raise 
the top surface a foot, as opposed to digging under the block, or 
leaving the old block sitting up on a soil pedestal 1 foot high?

    There's a bunch of funky things you can do to bond the old and 
new concrete together, but I don't know if they're needed in your 
case.   I've been watching them widen a freeway on my daily commute, 
and there's all kinds of things they do with respect to bashing off 
the old wall on the side of the bridge, casting the new slab next to 
the new one, and building the new side walls.  Freeway construction 
is probably a bit different than antenna bases, though. Fascinating 
to watch.. they grind up all the old concrete to be used as aggregate 
(or maybe gravel footing under the new concrete).  I still haven't 
figured out if the big grinder is rebar immune...

>Bob W6TR
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> > For the cost of saving one yard of concrete I would think it would be a
> > whole lot more expensive and work than starting over.
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> > 73
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> >> I have a 3x3x3 foot concrete foundation in my front lawn that I have been
> >> using for my HyGain HyTower antenna.  MY plan is to remove the HyGain and
> >> enlarge the foundation to 6x6x4.  I have heard that it is possible to
> >> hammer
> >> drill holes in concrete, pour in a 2 part epoxy, and insert threaded rods
> >> and this will be strong enough to be used for attaching a tower.  I want
> >> to
> >> put up 60 feet of Rohn 65 and have it be self supporting unless a
> >> hurricane
> >> comes through the area, in which case I would put temporary guys on the
> >> tower.  Does anyone have experience with this epoxy method and can give
> >> me
> >> some direction on doing this?
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> Bob  W6TR
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