[TowerTalk] Tower foundations

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 13 00:06:18 EST 2007

At 01:54 PM 2/12/2007, Blake Bowers wrote:
>Yep, and its and easy lift for a tow truck even.

True enough.. Although disposing of that 2 ton block might be a bit 
of a challenge. That concrete breaker they're using on the freeway 
job would make short work of it.  I saw them dropping pieces that 
were the size of those concrete jersey barriers (15 ft long and 2 ft 
high or thereabouts) they use for temporary freeway dividers.

>Dig out next to it with a backhoe, and pluck it out.

Ahhh.. Not enough manual labor there.. dig it out by hand, and break 
it up with a chisel and 4 pound hammer.  That'll build some muscles. <grin>

>Repour.  Better than risking epoxy.

No real risk with chemical anchors.  The concrete will fail before 
the anchor does if you follow mfrs recommendations (aka LXC prime 
directive).  I would (and have) trusted my life to chemical 
anchors.  The primary reason they use cast-in-place anchors is that 
they are cheaper and easier, not because there's any structural 
problem with them.

Jim, W6RMK 

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