[TowerTalk] Seperation?

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Sun Feb 18 06:41:45 EST 2007

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RXDesign at ssvecnet.com writes:

>  the alternative I am considering is simply replacing this 6'  piece with 
phillystran. I was looking at the 11200 which is 0.44" thick and  rated at 
11200#. Do you know - how does one cut this stuff?
    You can cut it with a razor-knive or  dikes.
    The 11200 size is pretty much overkill and  unnecessary. If you're using 
1/4" EHS, then you just need HPTG6700. 
>   If i go this way am I simply looking at 2 preforms and  the one 6' 
length? Nothing else? 
    You mean per guy wire, right? You'd need a  total of six Preforms and 
three Phillystran lengths. 
    The Preforms are pretty long - approaching 3  feet - so I'd allow some 
more just to be safe. 
>  Does one use a standard metal galvanized thimble for this -  

Standard - yes. Phillystran requires an  oversized thimble. Check the website 
for the specific size. 
>  no concerns about it "wearing" over time as the metal  galvanization is 
often pretty rough. 
    No worries. Something has to move in order to  wear. The Phillystran 
ain't going nowhere. 
Steve    K7LXC


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