[TowerTalk] Hard Line Question

Dennis Severns hamrigger at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 01:35:36 EST 2007


You should be able to use the hard line as long as you seal up the hole to keep any additional moisture out. Also you should repair the outer shield, preferably
with copper so you do not have RF leaking from that spot. A good way to do that is to cut a patch piece from similar hard line so you can match the ridges on the outer conductor. Place that over the hole and cover it with coax seal and a couple of layers of electrical tape.

I have done this on hard line up to 6 inches in diameter and it usually works fine, but check it with a dummy load and an SWR meter if you have one.

Good Luck with the line.

Dennis Severns KC0SUL
Tower Tech/Rigger 
Hamrigger at yahoo.com

rdhinkle at sbcglobal.net wrote: I've inherited a nice 100 foot piece of hard line with PL-259's on both
ends. When it was taken down from a tower last summer, I found a pencil-end
sized hole in it, and a sort of splice where ground strap was attached to
the shield and run to the tower. The cable's in good shape otherwise. I set
it out in the summer sun for several days to heat the cable and (hopefully)
purge any moisture that might have gotten in the puncture.  

Any problem with patching the hole and using this on my next tower

Cheers... Bob  KK8ZZ


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