[TowerTalk] 2nd thrust bearing inside tower - you opinions??

AA6DX - Mark aa6dx at arrl.net
Wed Feb 21 11:51:54 EST 2007

Double Thrusts?  Been there, done that more than once ..Rohn 45 Flop-Over 
and straight-up, old Richfield gas station tower, et al ... never had a 
problem, just be sure the alignment is correct.  Would do it again, way I 
did it was to have the 2 bearings hold the total weight of the array, and 
not "seated" on the rotator.  That allowed the rotator to be easily 
serviced. I was using 22' mast ..  Tri-Ex sked 80.  Both West Coast storms 
and Washington DC ice loadings .. Sure there will be those who do not 
concur, but ... worky worky!
Mark Nelson  -  AA6DX

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Need a little advice.

Planning about 130 feet of Rohn 45 - 20 to 22 feet of mast - Force 12 Magnum
240N over a Force 12 C31-XR at the top - side mounting another C31-XR.

Considering a 2nd thrust bearing inside the tower.

Any suggestions/ideas/experiences you might share?


73 ............... K5XA

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