[TowerTalk] re Hardline connectors

J. Edward (Ed) Muns w0yk at msn.com
Fri Feb 23 13:22:53 EST 2007

I don't know about the original post, but what's written below sounds
similar to what I do ...

Parts: UHF F-F barrel adapter, copper pipe reducer and SS hose clamp.  Take
the barrel adapter and a short section of the hardline (or the exact OD) to
the plumbing supplies store and find a copper pipe reducer where the small
end (1/2" as I recall) fits the OD of the barrel adapter and the large end
(3/4"?) fits the OD of the aluminum tubing on the hardline (not the
Polyethylene jacket).  Clean the aluminum tubing down to the metal--often
there is a moisture sealant goo between the Poly jacket and the aluminum.
Leave 1/2" or so of the copper center conductor of the hardline exposed and
slip the barrel adapter onto it.  Sometimes it is a tight fit, but it will
go on.  Hacksaw four slits in the large end of the copper reducer, coat it
with Noalox and slip it on over the barrel adapter and onto the aluminum
tube and secure with the SS clamp.  Sweat solder the barrel adapter into the
copper reducer.  Coat the SS clamp and the area around it with liquid
electrical tape to moisture seal the hardline jacket.

Ed - W0YK

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> Pete,
> The towertalk archive goes back to 1996 and earlier mentions 
> of W4AN's post say it was in 1995 and I am unable to find it 
> in a search.  If you have it and could repost it or post what 
> he wrote, even just the materials he used, that would be 
> great.  With a parts list we could probably figure the rest of it out.
> Thanks,
> rob / k5uj
> <<<Just FYI, the RF Connection in Gaithersburg MD is a good 
> source for used 1/2"
> hardline connectors.  They come simply lopped off the ends of 
> the cable they were on, so you can "reverse engineer" how 
> they are installed, and once you see it, it's VERY simple.  
> These connectors are N females, but they are a lot cheaper 
> and more plentiful that UHFs for 1/2 inch line.
> If you're interested in homebrewing your own UHF females for 
> 3/4" TV hardline, check the Towertalk archives for a message 
> from W4AN (SK) that explains how to do it with an Amphenol 
> barrel connector and a $2 plumbing adapter.  For HF, the 
> half-wave multiple idea worked fine for me here from 160 to 
> 10 meters, without matching transformers.  I cut the feedline 
> to be a multiple of a half-wave at 1750 KHz, and then 
> measured and trimmed the length at 28 MHz.
> 73, Pete N4ZR>>>
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