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Jay Terleski jayt at arraysolutions.com
Sat Feb 24 09:43:09 EST 2007

The best way to answer these questions is to get a copy of HFTA, 
which comes with the ARRL Antenna book. It lets you model the pattern 
of stacked antennas, varying spacing, etc., and factoring in your 
terrain, as well.  You just select the kind of antenna (e.g. 5 
element beam), and the heights and frequencies, and it plots out 
patterns (using generic patterns based on nominal performing antennas).

Unless Dean Straw has changed HFTA it doesn't stack the antenna 
correctly. It alway assumes max stack gain. It's purpose is primarily 
for take off angle estimates.

So you should model the stack first over flat ground in NSI or EZNEC, or 
whatever NEC software you like. 
I guess onl AO Wires will do a good job too, and then adjust the hights 
to your satisifaction over ground.

A wise man W2PV gave us the stacking formuala years ago. 
Optimum stacking distance in Wave Length is the SQ Root  of  boom length 
in Wave Lenths. 
So a 1 WL long antenna will stack just fine at 1 WL.
A .5 WL long antenna will be fine at .7 WL

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