[TowerTalk] Toploading a Butternut HF6V

Ken Kinyon w7ts at comcast.net
Sat Feb 24 17:12:31 EST 2007

This perhaps doesn't directly apply.  However, the best 80 meter transmitting
antenna I have ever owned was a HF-2V mounted on top of a 45 foot crank up mast.
I top loaded it with 4 wires at the point that butternut recommended and
adjusted to the max wire length that would keep the antenna resonant in the 80
CW segment. For SSB, I used an antenna tuner. I had 6  1/4 wave sloping radials
at about 45 degrees.  For receiving I used my 40 meter beam (40-2CD) with a Pre
amp at the receiver. The only thing I wished I had done in retrospect, is to
receive with 4 selectable beverages. I did have the room.
Ken W7TS

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