[TowerTalk] Pesky Dawg....

Adrian Rees (MW1LCR) rees.a at btconnect.com
Sun Feb 25 12:04:35 EST 2007

Hi all

As Spring is on its way here in Wales, I thought I'd do some house
keeping, as well as get the LF Antennas ready for CQWW WPX.

At the moment I am using temporary masts, as the towers won't be
installed for a few weeks.

Anyway, our house dog (a very active 12 month Springer Spaniel) has
chewed his way through two guy ropes. Because I plan on installing my
telescopic towers with guy ropes, the guy ropes need to be flexible
(Steel isn't really an option). So I have to use something like

Question is, what do people suggest I do to prevent the hound from
chewing the guy ropes ? Keeping him out of the Antenna Field isn't an
option....... I have considered Chili Pepper Sauce, but he has a taste
for this.........and almost anything else !




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