[TowerTalk] Pesky Dawg....

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Hi Adrian,

Similar problem here with the springers cousin, a Gordon Setter chewing
the clothes off the clothesline, after the event chastising never worked
but once caught in the act finished the marauding. Dogs do listen but if
they don't understand what the yelling is about they don't relate. 



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Hi all

As Spring is on its way here in Wales, I thought I'd do some house
keeping, as well as get the LF Antennas ready for CQWW WPX.

At the moment I am using temporary masts, as the towers won't be
installed for a few weeks.

Anyway, our house dog (a very active 12 month Springer Spaniel) has
chewed his way through two guy ropes. Because I plan on installing my
telescopic towers with guy ropes, the guy ropes need to be flexible
(Steel isn't really an option). So I have to use something like

Question is, what do people suggest I do to prevent the hound from
chewing the guy ropes ? Keeping him out of the Antenna Field isn't an
option....... I have considered Chili Pepper Sauce, but he has a taste
for this.........and almost anything else !




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