[TowerTalk] Vintage Rhombic Treatises

Pat Barthelow aa6eg at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 28 00:28:25 EST 2007

Does anyone know how long a copyright  holds for an antenna book?  I 
recovered from storage two beautifully written books on Rhombic Antennas. 
that are probably classics.  One, from Collins Radio, about Rhombic design,  
with a lot of graphical design aids, from about 1955, and another by ATT, 
very old, written during the Heyday of Rhombics used to hop the pond on the 
east coast.  They are so well written, and illustrated, I would be tempted 
to republish  them, if there is a want for them, and if it was legal. Both 
copyrights as printed in the books are more than 50 years old.

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