[TowerTalk] Crankup tower raising

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I have a crankup LM470D, to be honest Id get an alfaspid rotor so you 
dont have to mess with leaving the tower up at a certain spot for 
eternity. That wont be good for the cables. Eventually you will want to 
move the tower and with that rotor you are stuck. Its a great rotor but 
I would recommend it only on a fixed tower. btw you need to send the 
optibeam to my qth for proper testing before you put it up!! 73


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GM all!

Finally getting ready to raise my HG-70D tower soon.  On
it will be an Optibeam OB12-6 and nothing else.  The rotor
is a ProSistel.

Looking for advise on how best to do this.

With that rotor, I have to keep the tower extended to
about 30ft due to the motor sticking out the side.  Should

1.  Install the rotor at ground level and then raise the
tower (raising fixture) and install the antenna with the
tower vertical.....or

2.  Keep the tower fully retracted and install the mast
and antenna from ground level and the raise it and install
the rotor once vertical....or

3.  Just raise the tower and install both the rotor and
antenna once vertical?

Tnx and hope everyone had a fine New Year.


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