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Ed Richardson ed_richardson at shaw.ca
Tue Oct 9 12:57:33 EDT 2007

I have ordered ther producs on 3 separate occaisions. In each case delivery was 4-6 weeks after order.
I too admit to being worried the first time but the product did eventually arrive. I was even more worried when I couldn't raise them by telephone. Seems their main line didn't work from Canada. 

A call to their rep (Jay at Array Solutions) and  he called  ICE while I was on the phone. So there must be some secret number :)

Great product, worth the wait, but customer service could be improved.


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> I placed an order with them for one coaxial arrestor
> (303U), one balanced line arrestor (309H), a single
> mounting fixture, and a quad mounting fixture. That
> was four weeks ago today!
> Funny you should bring this up now Steve; having seen
> the "back-order disclaimer" that Jim noted, I said to
> myself that I would wait until today to make a first
> attempt at finding out what the deal is.
> I don't mean to cast stones, at least not big ones,
> but this whole "your items may or may not be
> back-ordered, you guess which" disclaimer seemed a bit
> lame at the time. And now after a month a note from
> the vendor might be a nice touch.
> Peace
> James - AD1L
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> > From: "Steve Jax" <stevejax at gmail.com>
> > Subject: [TowerTalk] ICE contact
> > 
> > I have had difficulty contacting ICE to inquire
> about an order I placed
> > for
> > lightning protection items 3 weeks ago.  I have
> tried phone, fax and
> > email.  Does anyone know if perhaps it is a small
> shop and they are just
> > swamped?
> > 
> > -Steve,  N4SJJ
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