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With all due respect to the mechanical engineers, but is there a real need 
for an antenna of double the weight and probably 4 times the selling price 
of a Cushcraft?

Up here in New England the CC seems to ride the wind rather well and the 
problems Ive been aware of is when the tower comes down. I know several in 
the area that have been up in exposed areas for 20 years or more

I used the very flexible school of design when I built four   W2PV-4's for 
20M. The booms were 3" irrigation tubing and the elements had seven taper 
steps down to 1/2". Never a failure in 20 years which included several 90+ 
mph winds.

I believe that the key is being able to ride the wind and not fight it.


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> Someone could probably make some money by marketing a sturdy, 2 element 40 
> based
> on Dave Leeson's Moxon-like design.
> A hint for CushCraft, M2 and W3TX. Force 12 need not even try !
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC
> >This weekend or maybe next, we (N5QQ/W5WW) should have Dave Leeson's 2 
> >elem
> >40m MOXON up and running. Will offer our comments afterwards. K5MR got 
> >his
> >up a few months back and seems to be pleased, well, until the lightning
> >storm fried his rotor!
> >More later...
> >Ron
> >N5QQ
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