[TowerTalk] Alternative To Rohn Anti-Climb Sections

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Mon Oct 22 09:25:01 EDT 2007

I just use 3-foot-wide hardware cloth, wired to the tower legs.  Two passes 
get me 6 feet, and when I need to climb I just bring a stepladder down to 
the tower.  Thanks to WA7LT (then W9LT) for that idea.

73, Pete N4ZR

>  At my last QTH I had a 125' tower located at the edge of the woods . I 
> built a set of Anti climb panels.  I Went to the local duct AC Fab shop 
> and had then cut me Three 8' X 15" Galvanized 18 ga panels. I then 
> proceeded to drill 1/2 holes along the 8' length  every 24". on the 
> panels.  I  then cut  three Alunimum U channels.  1 in wide 3/4 web if I 
> remember . Two panels were secured just with the black UV res, wire ties 
> and the one had the removable panel with the channels resting on the 
> cross braces and only secured with 4 a side wire ties.
>  I have also see a ham who used pressure treated 1/2 plywood.  On  two 
> sides he  use hose clamps on the Z bar to secure them and the access side 
> his plywood was cut wider the Rohn 25 and use double nutted U bolts with 
> saddles on the tower and  washers with wing nuts on the out side of the 
> plywood.  There are  many other alternatives I am sure.
>  GL
>  Wayne W3EA
> > Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 05:02:21 -0700> From: jokamitsu at yahoo.com> To: 
> towertalk at contesting.com> Subject: [TowerTalk] Alternative To Rohn 
> Anti-Climb Sections> > What are some (good) alternatives to the Rohn> 
> anti-climb sections for the 45G? Obviously, they> work...but:> > 1) 
> They're really expensive...upwards of $650 for> three sections.> 2) They 
> really don't appear to be designed for rapid> access when a qualified 
> person wants to climb the> tower...that is, you have to get a ladder and 
> unbolt> at least one section from the tower.> > The cost is not really 
> the issue for me...it's the> access part...I would buy the Rohn sections 
> if they> were designed to mount and un-mount easily.> > Anyone have any 
> good alternatives?> > Thanks for reading.> > 73, Jeff W3KL> > 
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