[TowerTalk] Pinned boom to mast on 203ba

k2vi k2vi at cox.net
Wed Oct 24 16:12:07 EDT 2007

Can someone tell me why would you have to pin the boom to the mast on the 203BA?? This antenna weighs 32# on a 19' boom.Very light.My mosley ta-33 which weighs 37# on a 14' boom.This antenna does not have to be pinned.Can i get away with pinning the boom.I am not in a high wind area.Also the 203 shows that you have to insert a rope into each element because of low wind vibration.How does the water weep out the ends.Whats up with the rope?Are the radials that thin that they might snap without the rope?I want to try this antenna but think i will stay with the mosley ta-33 which does not require pinning the boom and the rope in the elements.Any advice will be apreciated .thank you.

anthony K2VI

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