[TowerTalk] Safe Climbing was Re: Roswell Tower Accident

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Wed Oct 24 20:42:13 EDT 2007

I use two lanyards attached to my full harness at the fall-arrest D-ring in 
the middle of the back.  I attach one above my head, climb up to the point 
where I can just barely reach down to it, and then attach the other one 
above my head.  I then detach the bottom one, climb, and repeat the 
process.  In my case, I use my positioning lanyard as one of the two.  When 
I get where I need to work, I make sure the fall-arrest lanyard is firmly 
attached - look at it and yank on it - and then move the positioning 
lanyard to my hip D-rings.

To my mind, though, what you specifically do is a lot less important than 
your mind-set -- never forgetting that, whether at 30 feet or 200, a fall 
will probably be fatal, so always double-check everything.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 08:25 PM 10/24/2007, Kelly Johnson wrote:
>My climbing experience is limited to heights of about 30 feet or so,
>but regardless I'd like to understand the proper way of climbing up a
>tower while remaining connected at all times.  When people start their
>climb at the ground, how do they attach to the tower while climbing?
>Do they have a safety cable permanently mounted to the tower or do
>they clip a cable as high as they can reach, climb beyond it, clip
>another as high as they can reach, and so forth or what?
>On 10/24/07, Bill Turner <dezrat at copper.net> wrote:
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> > On Wed, 24 Oct 2007 04:08:48 +0000, n7ka at comcast.net wrote:
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> > ------------ REPLY FOLLOWS ------------
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> > I know you are right, but I have seen tower climbing professionals who
> > climb a tower with no safety line connected at all, and only hook up
> > when they are in place ready to work.
> >
> > If the professionals are so lacking in concern, what hope is there for
> > us amateurs? I guess after you climb a few hundred towers with no
> > accidents, you become immortal.
> >
> > My rule is to always have two connections to the tower: Either my
> > safety line plus one hand, or two safety lines. I never trust only one
> > safety connection, ever.
> >
> > 73, Bill W6WRT
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