[TowerTalk] Climbing "Latches"?

Jim Miller JimMiller at STL-OnLine.Net
Thu Oct 25 14:32:14 EDT 2007

OK, so why don't "they" make (or do they) some sort of hooks or latches that
fit inside or along side your hands and snap on with each handhold and
release easily upon "command" that attach to your climbing belt of choice
that will keep you connected ALL the time even if your handhold or foot
slips and yanks your hand off of the rung, just for use during the actual

Me, climbing experience, NO, I don't like heights.  I did take a huge beam
off of a 40 foot Tristau that was stuck in the up position by tree branches
through the tower and a motor that wasn't functional (yes, I stuck several
pieces of 4x4s through each of the section overlaps).   NO, I don't like
heights and I am OLD now an want to stay that way..

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