[TowerTalk] Roswell Tower Accident

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Fri Oct 26 13:01:56 EDT 2007

For those who agree, check this out -- 
. I just ordered one.

Recommended by a savvy friend, who has one - and it is only about half the 
price of many other alternatives.  Has Gorilla hooks as an aid to hooking 
onto somewhere adequately strong.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 12:29 PM 10/26/2007, David Calder wrote:

>If he had two lanyards or one with two hooks and hooked the other up below
>the guys BEFORE he unclipped the one above,
>he would be in this thread with us. USE more than one.
>May he rest in peace.
>Dave n4zkf
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>Doug Renwick wrote:
> > If this description of the fatal event is correct then one possibility
> > is that being belted-in in his decent may have contributed to his fall.
> > If he used both hands to unhook his positioning lanyard (reason
> > unknown) to get around the guy station, and lost his balance then that
> > could explain what happened.  Yes if he had used a fall-arrest lanyard
> > it could have changed the outcome.
> > IMO if the use of 'safety' equipment increases your risk then it is
> > not doing the job.  If the 'safety' equipment complicates, interferes,
> > tangles, etc. then it will increase the risk and be a hazard.
> > Don't waste your time emailing me about risk.  Everyone takes a risk
> > when they put their first foot on the tower rung.  Don't climb when
> > you are tired, out of physical condition, don't rush, focus on what
> > you are doing, if what you are about to do doesn't feel right - don't do
> >
> > Doug
> >
>Improper equipment or improper use can contribute to increased accident
>risk, to be sure!  But you sound to me just like the person who refuses to
>wear a seatbelt while driving, saying it might trap him in the car, while
>totally ignoring what could happen if he has an accident without the
>seatbelt.  If you don't have proper safety equipment or don't know how to
>use your equipment properly, don't climb!  The safety record of the tower
>maintenance industry is dismal, and it's getting the attention of people who
>would just love to add tower climbing to the list of regulated activities.
>If, one day, we hear that hams no longer can do our own tower work due to
>regulations, we will have people like you to blame for it!  Get off the
>Ethan KC8HES
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