[TowerTalk] safety cable addition to Rohn 55

David Calder n4zkf at n4zkf.com
Sat Oct 27 07:39:51 EDT 2007


That's what we use every day.  They are designed for the size cable your
using. I'm on my
home computer right now. When I get to my company computer, I'll send you a
link you can
buy them for. The last one I bought was $480 for a 300' tower. That was
about a week ago.

73 Dave n4zkf


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Has anyone ever added a safety cable to a Rohn 55G tower?  

What I am describing is the sort of cable one clips to, using a gizmo like
this one:


If you've done this, or know of it being done, could you provide a pointer
to information?


Steve KZ1X/4

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