[TowerTalk] Name this Antenna

Craig D. Smith craig at powersmith.net
Sat Sep 1 23:35:59 EDT 2007

Couldn't really see much detail in the photo, Steve, but from your
description it could be part of the FAA communications system.  The local
regional FAA center here in Longmont, CO has one just as you describe.  I
assume it is used as a backup link between regional centers - have to
believe that the main link is via satellite these days.  The one here has at
least a 50 ft boom, triangular in cross-section as you describe.  It is only
up about 60 ft or in the air, however.  It is used, or at least turned once
in awhile, as it seems to be pointed in a different direction every time I
go by.

                   .... Craig  AC0DS

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