[TowerTalk] Crankup towers-- tiltover

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL grimm at sbc.edu
Sun Sep 2 13:50:15 EDT 2007

Larry stowell wrote:
> If you sign up on yahoo SteppIR group and look in the picture section, under N4ZZK. He has 2
> versions and a power point presentation. I have my version under my old call WA2SRY. I just sent
> some pictures to Aluma Towers, I was trying to find the part number for the SS hinge they use for
> there tilt over. This is what I used for my plate. They wanted to evaluate the assembly for possible
> manufacturing in the future.
> I can send pictures. This approach won't work with multiple antenna's on a mast. 
I'm trying to visualize two hinge plates mounted on the same mast and so 
far, I can't see why it wouldn't work.  It would require offsetting the 
short, hinged mast from the main mast which would extend on above the 
bottom beam for another 10 ft or so where the second beam would be 
mounted on a second hinged plate.  The two beams should fold at the same 
rate, and shouldn't interfere with one another until near ground level.  
I guess this all falls apart if you need to have a truss support on the 
bottom beam's boom.
> I used a very
> simple approach 2 aluminum plates and a hinge. I haven't found the need for any latching mechanism,
> there hasn't been any "lifting" during any wind. If we had any hurricane winds I would turn the boom
> plate into the wind.
> Larry K1ZW
> Durham, NC 
Your arrangement looks great and I'm surprised that no manufacturer of 
fold over towers has made it available as an accessory.  Maybe Aluma 
will be the first.


Ken K4XL
k4xl at arrl.net

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