[TowerTalk] Name this antenna

Tom Anderson WW5L at gte.net
Sun Sep 2 21:45:57 EDT 2007


There's not a FEMA installation or one of the major airlines have a 
facility of some type nearby is there?

That same tower looks like the one American Airlines has/had at their 
headquarters south of DFW International Airport at the Operations 
Building.  A ham friend of mine once worked there and told me about it. 
  It seems AA's facility was for communicating on HF with their planes 
out over the Atlantic or Pacific.  He said all they had was a 100 watt 
radio built into a console and the tower was like 150 ft. tall.  I was 
invited up there several times, but never had a chance to go.

Also, one of the aerospace companies in Garland TX (north east side of 
Dallas)has a similar installation as I used to drive by it several years 
ago when the company I worked for did all the athletic uniforms, letter 
jackets, etc. for the Garland school system. I had to go out and measure 
athletes, band students, choirs, etc.

It may have been E-Systems, Garland division as they had a ham club 
there at one time and maybe still do.  I believe also E-Systems was the 
company that did a lot of the installation of radio/comms equipment on 
the new Air Force One (the new 747 that began service when Clinton was 

73 de Tom, WW5L

steve d wrote:
> I drive a truck part time and came across this (http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o117/KC8QVO/random%20stuff/IMG_2427.jpg) antenna on Rt. 227 in Leesburg, VA on my trip the past couple days. Does anyone know whos it is and what it is for??? It is a log periodic and is the largest rotatable antenna I have seen with my own eyes. The main boom for the antenna is made out of triangular tower sectios. It appears to be about 70 - 100' in length, from the perspective I had on it. 
>   The funny thing is.. I looked it up on google maps. You can actually see the antenna and the shadow it, and the tower it is mounted to, cast on the land HI. Pretty darn big! (I dont see the two other utility towers in the sat view, they must be new). http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=leesburg,+VA&ie=UTF8&ll=39.102961,-77.543301&spn=0.002893,0.005021&t=k&z=18&om=1
>   73,
>   Steve, KC8QVO
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