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>  This may seem like a strange request, but has anybody been  able to 
contact Force 12 in the last couple of weeks?

>   I've been trying to get a status update on a Delta-240 I ordered 15 
weeks  ago at Dayton. Last I heard was it was supposed to have been 
completed on  August 10th and shipped out the following week. After 
nothing arrived by  the 20th, I called, got through and they said 
"this week for sure." That's  the last I've heard from them. They' 
were not answering their phones all  last week, and I've called 4 
times today, and still no answer. I also sent  a few e-mails as well. 
I didn't see anything on their Web site about a  company-wide vacation 
or plant shutdown, and nothing on their answering  machine message either.

>  I'm starting to get more than a  little concerned and was wondering if 
anybody on-list knows Tom and could  find out if everything is OK, or 
who at least might know an alternate way  to get through to them. 
Anybody on-list live near Paso Robles and could  take a look and see 
if the building's still there  <grin>?

>  I own two fantastic F12 yagis that have done a  great job for me in 
the two years they've been up, and I'd much rather  have my Delta 240 
in the air than a refund, but I'm afraid I may be  getting neither if 
I can't get hold of them and see what's  up.

         Tom Schiller, N6BT,  has had some recent medical problems and wants 
to retire so he has put F12 up  for sale. Unofficially it is in the process of 
being turned over to the new  owner - a fellow TowerTalkian! 
        The good news is that  they'll have better customer support after the 
dust settles. I'm sure that there  will be an announcement soon. In the 
meantime, don't give up quite yet. 
Steve     K7LXC

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