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Steve Katz stevek at jmr.com
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RG6 varies a lot, and virtually none of it that I see in the field is really
RG6/U (per the military specification of yore).  Most all of it is cable TV
stuff, most of which is very good quality but some is better than others.
It runs dual shielded to quad shielded and normally has a copperclad steel
center conductor, so it's strong stuff.  Likely stronger than any sort of
RG8X, due mostly to all those shields and the copperclad steel center

I've never had any problem using this cable, even at high power levels.  M2
uses this cable (RG6) for their baluns on VHF beams rated 1500W PEP.

F-to-UHF adapters work fine at HF.


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I'm wondering if anyone has worked with RG6 for power
transmission, or might know the limitations.

Radio Shack recently added a line of "waterproof" crimp 
connectors, and a crimping tool for use with this stuff.
And I have a good size box of the cable lying around.

It strikes me that it's lighter in weight than rg8x, and
better insulated. Possibly lower loss. Where I'm running an 
OCF dipole, having 75 ohm line rather than 50 isn't going to matter.
Tuner won't know the difference.

Will need to change out my xmsn line before winter, to 
replace the section the mower scalped...and am thinking
about experimenting with it.  

Anyone care to share first hand experience, or strong 
caveats?  How about adapters from F to PL259?


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