[TowerTalk] Copper grounding bus bar

Tom Anderson WW5L at gte.net
Tue Sep 11 19:25:20 EDT 2007

Back in 2000 I bought a 4 ft. copper station ground buss bar with studs 
for each piece of equipment to be grounded to from a ham in Stamford CT 
who made them.  He had an ad in QST, CQ.  All I know is his initials 
were J.M.S. and he lived at 35 Hilltop Ave in Stamford.  Haven't seen 
any ads from himn in several years, but his ground bus bars were 
something else.  Any clues who he may be?  I've done a Google search, 
but nothing turned up.

73 de
Tom, WW5L

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