[TowerTalk] #2 solid or stranded for tower leg grounds

Doug Rehman rehman at surveil.com
Fri Sep 14 10:01:18 EDT 2007

My ground connections are made to the three legs of the tilting fixture
rather than to the tower legs. This allows me to tilt the tower without
having to detach the ground straps. Based upon the large surface area
contact between the tower and the tilting fixture, not to mention the
fifteen 3/4" bolts holding them together, I think this is the best way to
go. It appears to have worked fine when the tower was hit by lightning a
couple of months ago.


WA5ZUP wrote:
> The tower is a crank up and tilts over.  I would prefer a ground
> connection
> that I can unbolt and not have to redress the ground connections each
> time I
> want to tilt the tower over.  

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