[TowerTalk] TowerTalk recovering from house fire

Alex and La Nell kr6g at hughes.net
Sat Aug 2 09:11:43 EDT 2008

	Sorry for the off topic post, but this is the best info group
I belong to.
	Had a house fire, house is 1800 sq ft with two bed
rooms/office ham shack up stairs. Fire started in the far north
portion of the house and got into the attic.

	The worst of the smoke damage is in the ham computer rooms up
stairs. We have AAA Insurance for car and home, with replacement value
of all equipment.
	What do I need to be aware of as I talk to agent claim
adjuster again on Monday. ? Should I push for replacement of all my
ham gear and computer gear. ? Every thing has a tar like smoke on it
and the clean up company will be here in a couple of hours. I have a
two way business and know that the smoke damage has got to be all over
the boards in the TS 2000, Ten Tec Centurion amp. The 4 inch fan I put
on amp is just black now and sprays black tar like stuff when on.

	Also down stairs at the far end from where fire occurred is
our less than one year old Sharp 42 inch LCD HTV TV and satellite
equipment. Not as bad as up stairs stains, but any one have a ideal of
the long term effect after heavy smoke. ?

	Just to give everyone something to add to the worry list, it
was a new addition about 3 years old, done with licensed contractors
and all the county permits, no short cuts or money saving
constructions, and the lamp/motion lamp that appears to be the cause
was purchased from costo. There was no prior indications of any
problems, no flickering lights, or any thing. It occurred at 2 30 am
and thanks to god for waking me up with the smell of smoke, even
wearing a PAP mask I was able to get the wife and dog out of the house
and call the volunteer fire dept, they were here in 15 to 20 mins, I
did start to spray the attic with a garden house, the fire dept said
another 15 mins the whole house would have gone up. The dumb thing I
did do was have wife turn on a second hose to spray the front deck,
that cut my pressure in half. Just passing it on for every one to
learn and think about, just in case. 

	If you prefer to answer direct, you can use kr6g at kr6g.com. I
sometimes do direct to avoid arguments with other members on
suggestions. Do it the way you fill best and thanks a Million for your
ideals and help. 

Alex and La Nell Alexander
kr6g        Ke6lom
Alexander Enterprises
Quincy, ca 995971

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