[TowerTalk] Antenna quality and support for M2

Cqtestk4xs at aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Mon Aug 4 12:45:03 EDT 2008

However I understand there's quite a wait to receive the M^2  antennas.
I've e-mailed most of the companies. Tennadyne hasn't answered any  while 
M^2 hasn't had enough time to answer. I couldn't get through to  
Tennadyne on the phone. I'd get a strange tone and then "call failed"  
which wasn't on this end...................K8RI
I originally planned on using SteppIRs when I got out here.  I  couldn't and 
wound up getting the antennas you described.  KT36XAs and the  4 el 40 (light 
First, the light duty ain't so light duty and it ain't your daddy's  KLM.  It 
weighs in about 65 pounds heavier than the old KLM version.   In addtion, the 
old negative mechanical issues have been elimiinated.  
The same is true for the KT36XA.  It's not much heavier, but the  mechanical 
issues have been addressed.
I have had three XAs in a stack and the 40 up since around February.   I am 
totally pleased with the products.  I had several issues (missing  parts and 
one XA that loaded up kinda funky)  All the missing parts  were sent out to KH6 
quickly (within a couple of days).  Mike held my hand,  even giving me his 
home phone number in resolving the XA issue.  No  mechanical defects on that one. 
 It turns out that when I was building the  elements on the ground I water 
got into the cap before I sealed it up.   Builder dumbness.
I solved the WARC band problem with a A-3WS....nice and light and a  
servicable ant for those bands.
I am totally happy with the customer service and the performance of the M2  
antennas.  10 out of 10 for a review as far as customer service, quality  and 
bang for the buck.
As far as the wait.  I can think of two other items sold to hams that  have a 
long wait...K-3s and SteppIRs.  Both are quality items in their own  right.

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