[TowerTalk] Using a drill to install (Lay over - Raise) US Tower HDX?

Joe - WDØM joe at wd0m.com
Mon Aug 4 14:57:42 EDT 2008

Hi Tom,

The squeals caused me to replace the  K1550 with the K2550 as well - 
detailed on my web site.  We have a horse stable across the road, and 
they would all run away when I tried to lower/raise it.  I figured I'd 
better do something before I was accused of stampeding the herd.  Now 
it's WAY easier to crank the winch, but takes 310 turns to raise/lower 
it.  That's why I'm looking at the winch adapter idea. 


Joe Hannigan - WDØM
Pagosa Springs, CO


Tom Anderson wrote:
> Al:
> I originally had a (2 actually)Fulton K-1550 winch on
> my TriEx W51 crank up tower for raising and lowering
> the tower's top 2 sections only.  I replaced them with
> a Fulton K-2550, because of the horrendous squeal from
> the K-1550s disc pads, etc. (which had been replaced
> when the first set completely deteriorated in the wx
> outside.  I tried just replacing the pads, but could
> never get the K-1550 even apart no matter how much
> force, etc. I applied, so I got a second 1550 and the
> problem was still there, although the pads have lasted
> much longer.
> The squeal was so loud my neighbors would come outside
> and see who/what was screaming in the neighborhood. 
> I'm surprised someone didn't call the police.
> Finally gave up and replaced it.
> Apparently TriEx formerly used a mechanical locking
> winch with the W51.  A friend of mine who has a W51 a
> few years older than mine has a "mechanical" winch
> that is geared and he says that's what came with it
> from TriEx.  No pads, no squeal.  Its all gears.  
> 73 de
> Tom, WW5L

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