[TowerTalk] Help.Cable replacement

andy ronan 1n9tgr at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 12 23:06:38 EDT 2008

Hi Guys.I just put up a lm470 with the upgraded 3/8 SS cables.I erected the tower  and had it up about a week when the main lift cable bound on one of the pulleys and snapped and down came the tower.Luckily it was only a few feet off the ground and had no load on it as the antennas were not installed yet.I did manage to get thru to the manufacturer and he told me the cable may not have been tensioned properly at the factory.Without getting into all the details or airing dirty laundry it looks like Im getting the run around and will end up replacing the cable myself and probably purchasing a new cable at my own expense.
  My question is,,,what is the correct procedure when replacing the cable.The tower will be in the vertical position and tilting it over is not very practical.Do I have to lift the remaining three sections up several feet(with comealong),install the cable and then release the sections so the cable is under tension..I dont have access to a swage crimper for the cable ends,will crossby clips work as well.???What type of 3/8 SS cable do I need??So far Im out over 9.5k on the tower but I WILL be writing a review shortly,I hope the manufacturer gets to read it but maybe I will send him a copy.

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