[TowerTalk] town ordanence

Martin Staffa geitaemort at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 13 11:22:59 EDT 2008

In the town of NorthBranford Ct.They have a place for towers it is the industrial zone!That was the first response from building dept. I tried in a very nice way that I was not a cell tower site or industrial but a ham radio operator and under a different set of rules and asked if they had a provision for such.Blank Stare.OK lets try again back with paper work in hand health district OK site planes tower specks measurement's case law on PRB-1 in hand.No good hafta give it to town attorney towers  are in the industrial zone! Months pass elections you know,then after the elections low and behold paper comes back the town is required to give reasonable accommodation.Ok you have to get a variance for height my god what next.Set the date hung the sign the day comes get a call town clerk I am sorry can not get enough members to show up Well I guess I get it then right? wrong set for next month. Finally get the variance only to come up to town engineer, I am
 sorry the tower does not meet speck for wind load up dated for 110 at 3sec.in Ct.I gave him specs.on three different towers and then started asking about provisions to that rule. Finally got the permit as long as promised to crank it down during wind storms!I promised. Winston Churchill once said Never Never Never give up good advice Martin N1KGP73s

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