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Thu Aug 14 21:36:30 EDT 2008

Talk to Gary Smith at UST. Well before I received my tower (HDX555), Gary 
sent me a complete set of documentation necessary to put the tower up and 
provide data , etc. for the building permit application. His information 

Gary Smith

US Tower Corporation

Ph: 559-564-6000

Fax: 559-564-6011


Roger W5RD

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>I am in the process of installing a U. S. Tower motorized MA-850 with the 
>rotor base.  I am wondering what others who ordered motorized U. S. Towers 
>received for documentation.  I did not receive an information package when 
>the tower arrived so I have called U. S. Tower, several times, asking for 
>various documentation,  Each time, they seemed very helpful, but the 
>documentation that I subsequently received was very skimpy.  I expected a 
>more complete documentation package on the tower and some sort of 
>instruction manual describing the assembly and operation of the motor unit 
>and remote control
> What have the rest of you received?
>        73s
>        Bernard, WA4OEJ
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