[TowerTalk] How do I stop 2"-OD Chromoly mast from slipping in PST-61C rotator clamp?

David J Windisch davidjw at cinci.rr.com
Tue Aug 19 06:05:13 EDT 2008

Hi, all concerned:

The rotator clamp held the mast just fine for more than a year since 01/03/2007; now, even though all 6 of the 1/2" clamp-bolts have been retightened, the mast is slipping again.

We've had several "microbursts", as defined by neighbors witnessing trees toppling down and/or being heavily damaged along straigh-line paths in the area.  One incident was within 30M of the tower; thank Goodness for the grace of near-misses.

Fwiw, 2 homebrew antenna-to-mast clamps, in a TH11 and 402CD shortstack, made with DXE U-bolts and half-inch aluminum angle stock, have not budged.

Been reading the searchable archives.  Is a SlippNott, purchased or homebrew, the way to go?

Help, please.

Tia & 73,

Dave, W8FGX

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