[TowerTalk] Turnbuckles and shackles

Eric - VE3GSI ve3gsi at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 24 11:29:28 EDT 2008


Simply secure a short piece of locking wire (or guy wire) in the top eye,
parcel the wire once through the shackle and secure the end of the locking
wire to the bottom eye.

Eric - VE3GSI

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From: Michael Fox (K5MEF)
Subject: [TowerTalk] Turnbuckles and shackles

Question about securing the screw portion of turnbuckles and shackles: 

Some turnbuckles and shackles have a hex head bolt and nut.  Some have no
nut and the bolt head is flat with a hole in it.  Some have a cotter pin.   

The cotter pin will obviously keep the nut from coming off.  But how does
one secure the bolt on the other two types to make sure it doesn't unscrew
due to vibration? 

For the type with a flat head and hole, I presume the method might be a
small loop of wire through the hole and the shackle or turnbuckle opening. 

But for the type with just a hex head bolt and nut (and no cotter pin) how
do you make sure that the nut doesn't eventually work it's way off?  Blue


Michael - K5MEF

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