[TowerTalk] Prelube 6 on the tower legs of US Tower crank up

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>  I had dug through the refelector archives. To recap, it  seemed US
Tower has recently recommended that beeswax could be used to  lubricate
the tower legs to help them slide better. That sounds good to  me
because I don't want a goopy mess on the tower legs.

>   But I bought the prelube 6 for the cable I am installing and tried
some  out. Geesh, it seems this stuff might also been ideal on the
tower legs  too? I like the idea of keeping that area where the
galvanized finish is  scraped off protected with something. Anyone
using prelube6 this  way?
    UST used to use a thick grease and now they use  beeswax on the legs so 
that the sections will slide easily while it's  horizontal on sawhorses during 
assembly. It wears off rather quickly once  it's installed and run up and down 
a couple of times. 
    The forces will tend to be on one or two legs  where the pulleys and 
cables are and will be metal-to-metal contact so  applying anything there will get 
scraped off in short order. 
    PreLube 6 is a light-weight lubricant designed to  soak into the strands 
of wire rope without leaving a sticky film on the  outside of the cable so 
while applying it to your tower legs is  relatively easy, it'll disappear quickly 
without having any long-term benefits  to your tower. Is applying it helpful? 
Sort of. Is it worth the effort? Sort  of. 
    Since attempting to apply beeswax or other  lubricant to the legs is 
problematic since the tower has to be extended in  order to reach the places that 
need to be lubricated, it is NOT recommended.  

Steve      K7LXC
UST Factory authorized installer


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