[TowerTalk] Dipole ends

D. Calder towertalk at n4zkf.com
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This method just passed Tropical storm Fay. Went thru Hurricane Charlie and
two others
a few years back. Might be the lazy and easy way but it works.

I have the center insulator held up by a rope also between a tower and a
palm tree. It
all moves in the wind just fine.

73 Dave n4zkf

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My approach to using trees is to get a line over a fork in a tree branch
that is high (use slingshot, bow and arrow, or baseball and fish line),
secure line to dipole end, pull other end down around trunk of tree and tie
off on low limb with desired tightness.  The desired tightness is one that
leaves enough slack to accomodate branch movement in the wind.  I have used
this method in Maryland and Oregon, and Oregon does have high winds. After
three or four years the line may wear out where it goes over the fork, but
you might employ preventitative maintenance, or after three years  it's time
for a new and different antenna anyway.

73,  Jim  w3cp 


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